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From Shervin Asgari <>
Subject Irritating problem, please help
Date Wed, 05 Jul 2006 10:03:55 GMT
Hello roller developers.

This tiny problem has caused me a headache for the past two days and I 
am becoming blind of my own code. That is why I really need help to 
catch the thing I have forgotten or done wrong.

I am developing the domain administrator for the multi domain part in 
roller. I have created a new role called domainadministrator and for the 
users that are domainadministrators I wanted a link to come on 
YourWebsitesSidebar that points to domainAdministrator.jsp
I have done this, the link appears for the new role, however, when I 
push this link I get the following error:

ERROR 2006-07-05 11:51:55,469 RequestProcessor:processMapping - Invalid 
path /admin/domainAdministrator was requested

I have in the global-forwards.xml written
<forward name="domainAdministrator"                
and the link from YourWebSitesSidebar.jsp is:
                    <roller:link forward="domainAdministrator">
key="yourWebsites.domainAdministrator" />

So as you can see, it should be able to locate 

In the top of my action class I have the following:

* Administer Your Domain
* @struts.action name="domainAdministratorForm" 
path="/admin/domainAdministrator" scope="request"
*                parameter="method"
* @struts.action-forward name="" 
* @author <a href="">Shervin Asgari</a>
public class DomainAdministratorAction {

However in my struts-config.xml file which is auto generated, I do not 
get the Action Mapping Definitions.

I am missing something like this:

What is missing? What have I forgotten to do? Have I some character 
errors which I cannot see? All my other Action Mapping Definitions are 
correctly auto-generated.

Shervin Asgari - System Consultant

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