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From David M Johnson <Davidm.John...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Proposal: Entry Content
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 20:26:11 GMT
I've made a small change in the proposal. I was originally going to  
map things like this:

      entry.summary     -->     <description>
      entry.text     -->     <content:encoded>
      entry.summary     -->     <summary>
      entry.text     -->     <content>

But there are two problems: 1) we're changing the meaning of  
<description> from full-content to summary and 2) the meaning of  
<content:encoded> is unclear and causes FeedValidator warnings. I  
think this approach could cause more problems than it solves.

So I'm going to do this instead for RSS:

      entry.summary     -->     <atom:summary>
      entry.text     -->     <description>

That way, description remains the same and we add a new element that  
is clearly the summary. Aggregators that don't understand  
<atom:summary> will see our feeds exactly as before and those that do  
will be able to present the correct field as the summary. Plus, the  
FeedValidator says it's valid.

I've already committed this change. Any objections to it?

- Dave

On Apr 12, 2006, at 10:30 AM, David M Johnson wrote:

> I'd like to get this into a Roller 2.3 release this month, so  
> please review and offer feedback.
> -Dave
> Proposal Entry Content
> Add support for both a summary text and full content property for  
> each Roller weblog entry
> All major weblog systems and common newsfeed formats now support  
> the notion of a both short summary text and full content for each  
> weblog entry. Roller users have used the Read-More plugin to  
> emuluate summary and content, but creating a summary by  
> automatically stripping HTML from and truncating the content is not  
> really an acceptable alternative. This proposal adds support for a  
> new content property on the WeblogEntryData object to hold the full  
> content of each blog entry, supporting the Atom content model and  
> using the conventional mappings to RSS (i.e. text/summary goes to  
> <description> and content goes to <content:encoded>).

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