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From Allen Gilliland <Allen.T.Gillil...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Proposal: Adding RSD to Roller 2.1
Date Thu, 15 Dec 2005 00:00:32 GMT

I like your idea and you are definitely on the right track.  Thanks a
lot for putting this together in a proposal, it definitely makes it
easier to evaluate.

So here's some suggestions ...

I think the best idea is to create a new servlet (RSDServlet) in the
presentation.velocity package and map it to /rsd/*.  This should be a
simple servlet that extends VelocityServlet rather than extending the
BasePageServlet.  The servlet should be extremely lightweight since it
doesn't really even need to hit the db, although we should probably try
getting the website by handle just to verify that the weblog exists. 
then we'd just do our normal velocity setup and use an rsd template
stored in the webapp.

One possible alternative is to make rsd part of the flavor servlet,
however I think this is a stretch and it has some drawbacks.  Namely,
the FlavorServlet still uses the RollerRequest object, so it's not as
lightweight as we'd like, and we would lose some caching separation if
we handled rsd via the FlavorServlet.  So I'd stick with the idea to
create an RSDServlet.

I think you've got the rest of it correct as far as the velocity macros
are concerned.  We'd just want to create a macro like you said,
#showRSDLink() and then insert that macro in all the current themes.

I can probably whip up the RSDServlet for you pretty quickly, or your
welcome to take a stab at it yourself if you prefer.

-- Allen

On Wed, 2005-12-14 at 14:24, Sean Gilligan wrote:
> Hello Rollers,
> Hacking the templates for each blog is a hassle:
> It would be nice if RSD support was built-in to Roller.
> I added a proposal to the Wiki in the "Proposals without commitments" 
> section:
> If I get a little bit of advice/direction, I'll move it to the 
> "Proposals with commitments" and try to submit a patch.
> I'm looking for feedback/issues on the RSD template hack and 
> feedback/advice on the RSD Proposal.
> Where I'm really hoping for some advice is how to add the RSD page as a 
> URL and how to dynamically generate the page.  My guess is by adding a 
> servlet in org.roller.presentation.velocity and extending BasePageServlet...
> Thanks,
> Sean

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