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From Dave Johnson <>
Subject Re: Extensions, Roller as framework (was Re: Planning for Roller 2.1 release)
Date Mon, 21 Nov 2005 17:12:57 GMT

On Nov 21, 2005, at 11:34 AM, Anil Gangolli wrote:
> This is likely to be controversial territory.  Consider this a 
> brainstorm, and not an expression of firm opinion. I confess I'd been 
> thinking along similar lines for Roller 3.x or possibly 4.x, at least 
> that we should be considering rearchitecting around a data/event model 
> that allows developers to hook in at natural points in the lifecycle 
> of blog entries and possibly other types of elements in a blog model.

Having a good plugin model shouldn't be controversial, its something we 
need and the existing plugin proposal doesn't really go far enough.

> This would involve factoring out elements of the app and developing 
> more of an "engine" as the heart of the app, producing a core which 
> may eventually be separable from Roller the app.  Roller itself 
> arguably already contains two apps: the "blog authoring/publishing 
> app" and the "aggregator app" (Planet).  (Both of Miguel's suggestions 
> seem to involve extensions along the aggregation side more.)

I'm definitely in favor of refactoring and separation of concerns. I 
hadn't thought of separating out the aggregator; I believe a blog 
server needs a build-in aggregation engine. I was thinking of three 

    Roller core (business logic, persistence)
    Roller blog engine (page/feed rendering, web services)
    Roller UI (Servlet based user interface)

I'd like to make it possible to switch out the Roller UI with something 
new (something which might not have a dependency on Struts for 

> However, my ideas around this have remained pretty vague, and I'm not 
> positively convinced this is a good idea for Roller the app(s?) and 
> the present Roller community, though it might be very good for a 
> developer community spawning other apps built around an ASF blog tools 
> core.

Big +1 on ASF blog tools idea

- Dave

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