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From "Matthew P. Schmidt" <>
Subject Re: Time for Roller 2.0 RC2?
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 01:37:50 GMT
I'll try mapping the request filter to /index.jsp and see what happens.  
That might be enough to get it jumpstarted.  As for the database, I 
think it was pretty close to stock.  We may have added a new indices or 
two in the last two weeks and other than the four missing indices, it 
seemed to drop everything just fine and run the upgrade script.  I don't 
see anything in the mysql upgrade script that generates those handles or 
creates the relationships.  Am I missing something?


Dave Johnson wrote:

> On Nov 14, 2005, at 11:10 AM, Matthew Schmidt wrote:
>> Just a followup, it could be that the frontpage lists old entries 
>> because it can only find one user with a handle and so is only 
>> listing those users.  If you hit it in the next hour or so, 
>> should be up for testing.  It also 
>> appears that hitting the site from 'links' on linux redirects 
>> properly, while firefox does not.  As I said, a hard redirect to 
>> is probably not a good thing and unless I changed Jroller 
>> from the default, I don't think 1.2 did that :)
>>> Hey guys.  We're in the process of trying to migrate to Roller 2.0 
>>> and also ran into some of the indices problems.  Easily resolved, 
>>> but there are other issues.
>>> 1) Just visiting / doesn't appear to redirect to or forward 
>>> to main.jsp like it used to.  We'd like to not have a hard redirect 
>>> to as that would screw with our page ranks and indexing with 
>>> the various search engines.
>>> 2) If I do go to /, I get the following error:
> The main pages need the RequestFilter and since your front page has no 
> *.do extension, you'll have to map /* to the RequestFilter. That's 
> sub-optimal because some pages don't need the overhead of the request 
> filter (e.g. the RSS feeds).
> We want the main pages to go in the page cache, so we map 
> and to the PageCacheFilter. Since you arrive at the front page 
> without in your URL, you won't get any of the normal caching.
> I don't have a good solution for this problem and we've been running 
> with the redirect and the *.do URLs for over six months now, so I'm 
> against changing it for 2.0. Perhaps it could be addressed in the 
> cache rewrite coming in 2.1.
>>> 3) Hitting gives me a bunch of old entries, back to 2003.
>>> 4)  The hot blogs list has all blogs listed with a /page as the url, 
>>> no handle.  It appears that none of the blogs have a handle after 
>>> the upgrade.  There also doesn't appear to be anything in the 
>>> upgrade script that generates them.
> This is troubling. Has anybody else run into this problem of the 
> upgrade script not creating handles?
>>> 5) If I login as one of the users, it doesn't think I have any 
>>> weblogs, when I clearly did before.
> And not creating weblog-user relationships?
> That looks like an upgrade problem too, but it's going to be difficult 
> to diagnose if we can't reproduce. You do have a customized Roller 1.2 
> installation. How close was your old database to the stock Roller 1.2?
> - Dave

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