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Subject svn commit: r895116 - /roller/branches/roller_mavenized/README.txt
Date Sat, 02 Jan 2010 04:37:55 GMT
Author: snoopdave
Date: Sat Jan  2 04:37:55 2010
New Revision: 895116

updating README to reflect new Maven directory structure and build process


Modified: roller/branches/roller_mavenized/README.txt
--- roller/branches/roller_mavenized/README.txt (original)
+++ roller/branches/roller_mavenized/README.txt Sat Jan  2 04:37:55 2010
@@ -2,12 +2,28 @@
 This file exists at the top-level of the Roller source tree.
-There are two applicatons here and one component:
+Roller is made up of the following Maven projects:
-    apps/weblogger   - The Apache Roller Weblogger (blog server)
-    apps/planet      - The Roller Planet server (experimental)
-    compoenents/core - core component, used by both Weblogger and Planet
+  roller-project:     Top level project
+  roller-core:        Core Roller component
+  planet-business:    Planet POJOs and business logic
+  planet-web:         Planet webapp (under construction as before)
+  weblogger-business: Weblogger POJOs and business logic
+  weblogger-web:      The Roller Weblogger webapp, rendering system, Struts2 UI
+  weblogger-assembly: Assembly that builds Roller distro
+  test-utils:         Test utils (e.g. start/stop Derby task)
-If you want to build and deploy Roller from source follow these instructions:
+To build and run all unit tests, you do this:
+  svn co
+  cd roller_mavenized
+  mvn install
+You'll find the Roller webapp in weblogger-web/target/roller. To build
+a Roller distribution, you do this:
+  cd weblogger-assembly
+  mvn assembly:single
+And you will find Roller distribution files in weblogger-assembly/target

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