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From Dan <>
Subject [flink-rocketmq] how does RocketMQSource guarantee exactly-once?
Date Tue, 22 Sep 2020 07:21:14 GMT
I'am just wondering about how RocketMQSource guarantees exactly-once between flink operators.

According to,
there is a thread pulling messages in batch, and after all messages in the batch are sent
to downstreams, RocketMQSource.offsetTable is updated with pullResult.getNextBeginOffset().
For checkpoint, it is the RocketMQSource.offsetTable that will be saved.
If the checkpoint is triggered during the batch processing, is there some possibility that
some messages will be sent to downstreams twice? For example, let's assume current offset
is 10, and the pulling thread consumes 32 messages in one batch. After 5 messages were sent
to downstreams, the checkpoint was triggered. At this time, RocketMQSource.offsetTable has
a offset of 10, instead of 15. When the program recovers with this checkpoint, it will consume
from offset 10 and the messages with offset 10-15 will be sent to downstreams again.

Looking forward for your comments! Thank you very much.


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