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From Peter Firmstone <peter.firmst...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Progress
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2018 12:42:12 GMT
I've been a little quiet, but have been busy testing, testing, 
testing.   Will get back to work on River's modular build in the near 

AtomicILFactory, is a JERI invocation layer factory alternative to 
BasicILFactory, which uses atomic input validation during 
deserialization.   Unlike BasicILFactory, proxy's are serialized 
independantly of other objects in the stream (no shared state), service 
proxy's have their codebases provisioned after they're authenticated, 
proxy's aren't deserialized, nor are their codebases provisioned until 
they're authenticated.  Currently the only time a codebase annotation is 
utilised is during provisioning, the stream uses ClassLoaders at each 
endpoint.  In a modular environment, such as Maven or OSGi, the 
ClassLoader's at each endpoint (local and remote), use the same codebase 
(that of the proxy), so all class dependencies are resolved at each 

There are cases where some classes cannot be resolved, such as when a 
client passes a parameter object, who's class is not resolvable from the 
proxy's dependencies (the proxy's ClassLoader), I'm currently working on 
making it an option to use codebase annotations, but only when classes 
cannot be resolved from the proxy's ClassLoader.  In these cases the 
codebase must resolve dependencies to the same service api version 
(service api is the public api the client and proxy use to interact) at 
the remote server endpoint.



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