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From Peter <peter.firmst...@zeus.net.au>
Subject May Board Report
Date Fri, 11 May 2018 22:41:05 GMT
This board report is due, however it will need to be delayed until June,
I have been aware since last month that it needed to be done.
## Description: 

- Apache River provides a platform for dynamic discovery and lookup
  search of network services.  Services may be implemented in a number
  of languages, while clients are required to be jvm based (presently at
  least), to allow proxy jvm byte code to be provisioned dynamically.
## Issues: 

No significant issues requiring board attention at this time. 

## Activity: 

Interest in making Jini specifications programming language agnostic. 

Release roadmap: 

River 3.1 - Modular build restructure (&  binary release) 
River 3.2 - Input validation 4 Serialization, delayed unmarshalling&
safe ServiceRegistrar  lookup service.River 3.3 - OSGi support 

## Health report: 

- Minimal activity at present on dev. 
- Some recent commit activity, around modular build. 

- Future Direction: 

   * Target IOT space with support for OSGi and IPv6 (security fixes
     required prior to announcement)   * Input validation for java deserialization - prevents
DOS and 
     Gadget attacks. 
   * IPv6 Multicast Service Discovery (River currently only supports 
     IPv4 multicast discovery). 
   * Delayed unmarshalling for Service Lookup and Discovery (includes 
     SafeServiceRegistrar mentioned in release roadmap), so 
     authentication can occur prior to downloading service proxy's, 
     this addresses a long standing security issue with service lookup     while significantly
improving performance under some use cases. 
   * Security fixes for SSL endpoints, updated to TLS v1.2 with removal     of support for
insecure cyphers. 
   * Maven build to replace existing ant built that uses 
     classdepandjar, a bytecode dependency analysis build tool. 
   * Updating the Jini specifications. 

## PMC changes: 

- Currently 12 PMC members. 
- Last PMC addition was Dan Rollo on Fri 1st December 2017 

## Committer base changes: 

- Currently 16 committers. 

## Releases: 

- River-3.0.0 was released on Wed Oct 05 2016 

## Mailing list activity: 

- Relatively quiet . 

## JIRA activity: 

- Activity around making Jini specifications programming language
  agnostic.- Some additional bug reports

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