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From Peter <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: State of the project
Date Mon, 02 May 2016 10:33:07 GMT
On 2/05/2016 8:59 AM, Patricia Shanahan wrote:
> The next River report to the board is due May 11th. I am supposed to 
> keep the board informed of the state of the community. With that in 
> mind, I would welcome input from anyone with an opinion on the matter.

Well it's not looking too healthy, although it appears we still have 
enough pmc members to vote (4 active), we've lost a committer recently, 
interest in the project is tapering off.

Most of the code in River is aged between 12 and 18 years old, while the 
architectural design principles employed are sound, parts of the api are 
showing their age.

River is tied to Java and is currently deployed in server back end, 
private networks.  There may be some hope in IoT, however at present we 
don't support Android and have limited scope outside of Java.  River is 
also tied to Java serialization, which has fallen out of favour for 
newer protocols in recent times.

Although some steps have been made toward modularising River, the 
monolothic build is hampering development efforts:
Modules allow a development campaign to focus on one module, allowing 
earlier completion, followed by review and release of an updated 
module.  The large monolothic codebase, prolongs a campain, (eg fixing 
race conditions) and makes it difficult for other developers to keep up 
with changes, resulting in generation of our own FUD and makes it 
difficult to release often.

On the plus side our suite of tests are quite comprehensive.



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