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From Greg Trasuk <tras...@stratuscom.com>
Subject Re: Test Failures on ARM, maybe I'm missing setup?
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2016 16:10:13 GMT
It’s possible but why bother?  The server/client switches were there for the old days when
desktop and laptop machines were less powerful.  If you don’t specify it, the JVM takes
a look at the hardware when it starts up and picks a default based on how much memory and
how many cores you have.  On every “desktop” machine and laptop I’ve come across lately,
it defaults to the “server” VM.  Most places you run, you’ll get the server machine


Greg Trasuk
> On Jan 4, 2016, at 9:46 PM, Peter <jini@zeus.net.au> wrote:
> Is there a way we can detect the platform,  we use server for testing as jit optimisations
are more agressive and more likely to highlight problems or bugs?
> Peter.
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> From: Dan Rollo <danrollo@gmail.com>
> Sent: 05/01/2016 08:20:52 am
> To: dev@river.apache.org
> Subject: Re: Test Failures on ARM, maybe I'm missing setup?
> Thanks Greg, and Peter. I was able to apply the “remove -server” fix to qaDefaults.properties,
and the test ran fine on a Pi. I’ve attached a patch with these fixes against trunk. If
there is a better way to submit such a patch, please point me in the right direction ( - dare
I ask about git? :) . 
> Dan 

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