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From Greg Trasuk <tras...@trasuk.com>
Subject Usage of libraries in dep-libs in trunk
Date Sat, 16 Jan 2016 07:20:48 GMT
So, we know we can’t ship jar files in the source distribution -  I’m looking at replacing
dep-libs with an ivy script that downloads the dependencies at build time, and I have a few

- Are we actually using animal-sniffer for anything?  There’s an ant task in hudson.xml
that checks signatures, but I wonder if we’re actually using it.  It’s not clear to me
how to get the signatures from Maven Central, and before I look further I’d like to know
what we’re doing with them.

- Same as above for ‘dnsjava’.  It gets copied into ‘lib-ext’ but I can’t find anywhere
that ‘lib-ext’ is actually used.

- I’m not sure what to do with ‘reggie-test-nameservice-provider’.  The implementation
classes used to be in the qa/src folder, but they’ve been moved out to a Maven project that
is included as the jar and source-jar under dep-libs.  The Foundation doesn’t encourage
leaving jar files in the source distribution, so it would seem like we shouldn’t leave it
as-is.  Options would be to release it separately, so we could pick it up out of Maven Central,
or put the actual Maven project into trunk, or to put the classes back into qa/src and build
them the old way.  Opinions?

- high-scale-lib is available from Maven Central as com.boundary:high-scale-lib:1.0.6 (that’s
what’s called out in the pom file for jsk-platform.jar) but I can’t find any indication
of what the license is.  There’s no license in the source jar that’s on Maven Central.
 As such, I’m not sure if we can use it.  Anybody know?  There are other versions of high-scale-lib
in Maven Central that have a public domain notice, but (a) I don’t know if a public domain
license can be bundled with an Apache project, and (b) We’d have to test with the other
library.  I think that would fall to Peter, as he knows best what ‘trunk’ is using the
library for.

- deps-lib calls out groovy 2.3.8, but the latest rev is 2.4.5 in Maven Central.  Will there
be a problem with using the latest version?  How do we test this?


Greg Trasuk

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