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From Bishnu Gautam <bishn...@hotmail.com>
Subject Config File of config/start-reggie.config
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2015 11:09:48 GMT
Hi Peter
We are trying to deploy River in Raspberry pi. We were successful to deploy it however need
to tweak few other things in order to utilize this platform more precisely. Our problem is
that we need to run the reggie and need to return IP address rather than domain name in order
to run our client from other machine. Whenever we run our server, client, regggiee etc in
the same machine it works fine. But when we run our client program from other machine, it
could not resolve the domain name as the  server name (Where reggies runs)  is not recorded
into our DNS records. So, we tweaked the hostname of the server and changed it to IP address,
in that case it works successfully. However, we do not want our users change their hostname
into ip address in order to make it workable. 
So, we would like to tweak the config file of Reggie. The current config file does not return
IP address. We tried to change it by changing ConfigUtil.getHostName() to ConfigUtil.getHostAddress(),
but it still returns the hostname. I have attached 2 files. One of which started and showing
IP address. In this case we changed our hostname (/etc/hostname file) to IP address. It works
fine but as  I mentioned above, in this case, user needs to change his/her hostname to IP
address which we do not want to demand.  And the other file is the hostname without change
and this makes problem if we run our client from separate machine. 
 Do you have any other methods so that it runs successfully and return IP address. I think
the config file of start-reggie.config located at example/hello/config/start-reggie.config
has following codes. Thank you very much for your help in this regards
*********************************import com.sun.jini.config.ConfigUtil;import com.sun.jini.start.NonActivatableServiceDescriptor;import
com.sun.jini.start {
    private static codebase =        ConfigUtil.concat(            new Object[] {        
       "http://", ConfigUtil.getHostName(), ":8080/reggie-dl.jar",                " ",   
            "http://", ConfigUtil.getHostName(), ":8080/jsk-dl.jar" } );    private static
policy = "config${/}reggie.policy";    private static classpath = "..${/}..${/}lib${/}reggie.jar";
   private static config = "config${/}jrmp-reggie.config";
    static serviceDescriptors = new ServiceDescriptor[] {        new NonActivatableServiceDescriptor(
           codebase, policy, classpath,            "com.sun.jini.reggie.TransientRegistrarImpl",
           new String[] { config })    };
}//end com.sun.jini.start
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