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From Mike <mikro...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Build troubles
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2015 08:19:54 GMT
On 13/02/15 17:36, Greg Trasuk wrote:

> What you’re running into is the fact that part of River’s build
> system (classdep, in fact) uses the ASM library, and that library
> changed significantly between Java 7 and Java 8.

Yup - I could understand what was breaking, just not the cause...

> If you have a JDK7 installation around, it should work under that.

Indeed it does. Many thanks for the help.

> You asked “Is Maven the preferred way to build now?”  That’s an
> interesting question - I’d say no, but Maven Central is the preferred
> way to get the binaries.  In other words, I would tend to discourage
> you from actually building the distribution from source.  Not
> discourage you really, but I’d point out that if you can use the jars
> from Maven Central, then you don’t need to deal with the somewhat
> complex and non-JDK8-compatible build system in River.  And really,
> unless you’re hacking on the core, why do you need to build River
> itself?

Happy to hear that "No" ;) That said, I have been, and would like to
continue, hacking on the core. I'll talk about some of my reasons in a 
different thread than this one though.

> So in building a project that “uses” River, I’d suggest using Maven,
> Gradle, or Apache Ivy with Ant, each of which can retrieve artifacts
> from Maven Central.  There is also the binary distribution that has
> the jars already compiled, if you’re dead set against going to Maven
> Central.

Not "dead set against" but avoiding Maven and/or Gradle is a strong
preference for me, and given that I am working on a personal project I'm 
happy to be able to avoid them. (Ivy is one I've never yet worked with.)

Mike Morris
EarthStuff: http://blog.mikro2nd.net/
TechStuff : http://onemikro2nd.blogspot.com/

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