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From Patricia Shanahan <p...@acm.org>
Subject Re: Getting Started
Date Thu, 08 Jan 2015 18:37:47 GMT
For me, the next step in this flow is to learn Maven.

In general, is it reasonable to assume that, if I had been working 
actively as a programmer for the last few years, I would have already 
learned Maven?

If not, we need to document, at least by reference, the steps involved 
to get far enough along with Maven to try out River.


On 1/5/2015 7:16 PM, Greg Trasuk wrote:
> I started working on making new demos and “getting started” stuff
> back before the holidays.  Here’s my thinking…
> As Patricia alludes to, it really shouldn’t be necessary to build the
> River distribution in order to try out some samples and get started.
> After all, the artifacts are published on Maven Central, so they can
> simply be referenced in a Maven build (or Gradle, Ivy, Etc).
> Towards that end, I started building a new Mavenized ‘examples’
> project, which can be checked-out from
> https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/river/river-examples/river-examples/trunk.
>  In that project, there are currently modules for the service browser
> jars and a ‘home’ folder for the compiled and packaged examples.
> (might be best to download it and do a ‘mvn install site’).  There’s
> also documentation for the examples under the main project (look at
> <project-home>/target/site/index.html - this should be familiar to
> Maven users).  The documentation currently includes how to build and
> run the service browser (although I think right now it’s incomplete
> on how the configuration works - haven’t looked at it since Dec 15).
> Right now, the project has a dependency on the new ‘river-rt-tools’
> modules that I talked about back in December as well.  So in order to
> run the examples, you currently need to checkout
> 'https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/river/river-rt-tools/trunk' and do
> a ‘mvn install’ on it, which will install the runtime tool artifacts
> (start.jar) in your local Maven cache.  In the end, those artifacts
> would also be released and published on Maven Central, so you
> eventually wouldn’t need to build the runtime tools separately.
> My plan is to add modules to the river-examples project for a
> 'hello-service’ and ‘hello-client’, as well as a config for the
> infrastructure services (Reggie, etc).  So eventually, the “getting
> started” instructions become “have a look at ‘river-examples’”, and
> we’d remove the (very confusing, if you ask me) ‘examples’ folder
> from the JTSK distribution.  As a bonus, we can isolate new users
> from the convoluted build system in River.
> If this seems like a reasonable path forward for our “getting
> started” experience, perhaps you’d like to work on bringing over some
> of the examples from the JTSK to the ‘river-examples’ project. That’s
> probably also a good way to re-familiarize yourself with Jini.  I
> probably won’t have any cycles to work on it seriously for the next
> couple weeks, but could cheerfully make suggestions.
> You should be able to check-out these two Maven project in the IDE of
> your choice.  I was using NetBeans, but AFAIK, Eclipse should be able
> to use the Maven build directly.  I just haven’t tried it.
> Cheers,
> Greg Trasuk.
> On Jan 5, 2015, at 6:07 PM, Patricia Shanahan <pats@acm.org> wrote:
>> I have completed buying a new home, moving into it, and selling the
>> old one, followed by Christmas in England and recovery from the
>> cold I caught there. That means I'm ready to get much more active
>> in River.
>> Last year, we got some feedback suggesting that better support for
>> new users might remove a barrier to community building. My main
>> agenda is community building, so I want to work on that. I am going
>> to be a very naive potential user, so stand by for basic
>> questions.
>> I began by downloading the binary version, since in this mode I am
>> not interested in being a River developer. However, when I looked
>> at the "Getting Started" page,
>> river.apache.org/user-guide-basic-river-services.html, it says:
>> "The instructions assume that you're building from source as
>> checked out from the SVN trunk. Currently this is necessary because
>> the code snippets below use methods and classes which, at time of
>> writing, haven't made it into the latest binary release yet. Having
>> said that, the code you will need in the binary release isn't to
>> far removed from what you'll see below, so you can progress with
>> the binary release if you want to and are happy odifying the
>> code."
>> According to the page info, the "time of writing" was no later than
>> November 23, 2013. Do I still need to do a River build before I can
>> run the example? If so, why and what can I do to fix that?
>> I have no idea whether or not I would be happy "odifying" code -
>> maybe "modifying"?
>> What is the best procedure for editing the "Getting Started" page?
>> I want to make sure that any changes I make really are
>> improvements, so I would like PMC review as I go along.
>> Patricia

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