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From Greg Trasuk <tras...@stratuscom.com>
Subject Code provenance on com.sun.jini.tool.classdepend.AbstractDependencyVisitor?
Date Sun, 10 Nov 2013 20:22:02 GMT
(This may be a duplicate - I sent once from an email that wasn’t subscribed to dev@r.a.o).

Hi all - In particular Jonathan Costers:

I’m in process of rolling a release candidate for 2.2.2 (out of the 2.2 branch), and I’ve
noticed that we’re missing AL2.0 headers on a few files.  Most of them are simply manifest
files that were in the original contribution from Sun, so I’m OK with just adding the AL2.0
header.  However one of them has an Inria copyright on it.

com.sun.jini.tool.classdepend.AbstractDependencyVisitor.java was added by jcosters on 4/17/2009
and subsequently edited by peter_firmstone on 9/25/2009.

I suspect that you started from a shell that was in the asm.jar examples (because why would
asm use the file name ‘AbstractDependencyVisitor’?), and that leaving the INRIA header
on it was a mistake, so we really ought to just change it to AL2.0.  Jonathan, could you confirm

BTW, the INRIA license is AL2.0-compatible, so leaving the header there would be OK, but it
just seems out-of-place.


Greg Trasuk.

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