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From Dan Rollo <danro...@gmail.com>
Subject Maven deployment: Deploy sources too?
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2013 16:44:33 GMT
Hi Dennis,

It is great to see the jars getting ready to deploy to Central. I think 
just having the poms and interrelated dependencies declared will be a 
big help!

Under the category of "give an inch, ask for a mile": Could we also 
deploy these artifacts with related source files? I realise the source 
trees do not perfectly match to the various jars, but even with certain 
overlap, having the source jars for each production jar in the central 
repo makes debugging in IDEs very nice.

That said, I previously struggled to get 'mvn deploy:deploy-file' to 
work with sources (you have to do both production jar and source jar 
together for it to work). The key was adding 'files', 'types', and 
'classifiers' args for each attached artifact. Here's an example that 
deploys a production dist jar, and its sources and javadoc jars:

       ...="mvn deploy:deploy-file" +
       "-Durl=${repository-url}" +

Of course I'm not even sure if we produce 'sources' jar currently (much 
less how best to match them to each production jar).

Dan Rollo

in: river/jtsk/trunk/poms/deploy_river.groovy

+    String deployCommand = "mvn deploy:deploy-file "+
+                           "-DrepositoryId=apache.releases.https "+
+                           "-Dversion=${version} "+
+                           "-DgeneratePom=false -Dpackaging=jar "+
+                           "-DgroupId=${gId} "+
+                           "-DartifactId=${aId} "+
+                           "-Dfile=${dir}/${aId}.jar "+
+                           "-DpomFile=./${aId}.pom "+

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