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From Dan Creswell <dan.cresw...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: LookupLocator and ServiceRegistrar
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2013 14:16:35 GMT
Hey Dennis,

Thanks for this...

>> The thing about getting these locators from the registrar itself is
>> that you have to have located the registrar in some other way
>> previously (e.g. via multicast).
>> Question then would be, who uses unicast lookup locators and why?
> I've used locators most always when deploying into production because multicast is typically
turned off. We've done other crafty things like writing a tunneling service (Lincoln) that
forwards Jini Lookup Service Announcement requests and Jini Request announcements from one
network to another, and also providing a different approach by using a gateway service on
a well pre-defined addr:port that dispenses LookupLocators based on the lookup discovery groups
being sought after.
> I've found locators to be key. I dont use them for firewalls, just for deployments where
multicast is turned off.

Okay, and how would you obtain those LookupLocators right now? I guess
you'd be doing that by knowing which boxes you had Registrars on and
what ports they were configured to after which you'd manually concoct
the URL's?

Obviously, I'm keen to support this sort of thing if it's common and
we're not doing a good job right now.

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