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From Simon IJskes - QCG <si...@qcg.nl>
Subject Re: RiverClassLoaderSPI
Date Fri, 09 Nov 2012 07:49:37 GMT
On 09-11-12 00:31, Peter Firmstone wrote:
> Ok, because it's small I think we can consider it, can you provide the
> hooks to load different providers?  The non default providers themselves
> can be a subproject.  We need to carefully consider security since we're
> making it possible for downloaded code to resolve classes.
> My SecurityManager and policy providers were developed in skunk, then
> merged.  URI changes were made in trunk, although this was a big change
> semantically, the code footprint is small.  For large changes to
> foundation code we need skunk, not everything can be bolted on or
> plugged in.

I have difficulty understanding what you are talking about. Could you 
try again?

Gr. Simon

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