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From Peter <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: Beta annotation
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 10:59:23 GMT
Do you mean unstable api?  If so then yes, that might help encourage some more external participation.
 Developing api in isolation is very difficult, I've tried to keep public visibility minimal,
most of my new code is package private, with some publicly exposed api so I can bridge the
divide between net.jini and org.apache.

On that note, Dennis Reedy recently raised some fundamental goals we need to work on if we
wan't River to continue to grow and become relevant.

The new concurrent security manager and policy are used by the qa suite, they've assisted
in fixing many minor concurrency bugs, findbugs has also, however findbugs doesn't understand
Remote, so reports Remote implementations as bugs.

I didn't worry about fixing existing concurrency bugs in our JavaSpaces implementation, mostly
due to time constraints, people are probably better off using Rio or Blitz.

More recent code replaces URL with URI, this fixed a number of issues and even cleared the
way for native windows platform support, without the need for cigwin.  However this code is
still quite fresh, so I've stalled releasing, hoping people will eyeball the code first.

Api for DelegatePermission and DelegateSecurityManager is extremely minimalistic, although
I can't see a reason why these couldn't be moved out of trunk and into the permission delegates
library.  Originally these were included because DelegateSecurityManager needed it's cache
flushed by the policy implementation, when policy refresh is called, but now the cache implementation
is separate this is no longer necessary.

I'd probably mark the RemotePolicy interface as beta.

If you add the annotation, I'll make these changes on the weekend.

I'm snowed under with work a present, hope to join in the fun again soon.



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> Shall we include a @Beta annotation for classes, methods etc that are
> not considered stable?
> Gr. Simon

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