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From Tom Hobbs <tvho...@googlemail.com>
Subject [DRAFT][REPORT] Apache River
Date Tue, 01 May 2012 09:10:37 GMT
Comments always welcome, due date is 9th May.

Below is the May board report for River

Apache River is a distributed computing architecture, based on the JSK
Starter Kit Source code donated by Sun Microsystems, for the Jini

No new releases since last report, several submissions have been made
for inclusion into our next release and are currently being reviewed
prior to merging them onto the trunk.

The River website had one branding issue (missing DOAP file) for which
a Jira was raised (thanks Shane) and has been resolved.

There are a trickle of SVN commits being made.  We are a small
community and so this is expected.  There was a discussion on building
a reference implementation to showcase River since there is little
public knowledge of River/Jini installations, similar to the Java Pet
Store.  We hope this will help to get people involved in contributing
to that application, but also make it easier for end users to
understand the offering of this tech.

One PMC member has resigned citing the difficulty of working with the
code and understanding how best to measure the changes she was trying
to make.  This is a valid point given the lack of hard data and
particular performance issues encountered by end users.

The PMC recently discussed the the health of our community.  Whilst we
all agreed that things were pretty quiet, many of the contributors
reaffirmed their commitment to the project.  Since we are such a small
community we can hardly expect the same levels of noise and activity
as those projects with many more members or who have greater numbers
of end users.  As such, we have no particular concerns that the
project is slipping into dormancy.

No board issues at this time

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