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From Dennis Reedy <dennis.re...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Removing the need for config files
Date Wed, 11 Jan 2012 13:48:43 GMT

On Jan 11, 2012, at 843AM, Tom Hobbs wrote:

> Thanks for the samples.  I'm just trying to find a way of doing (at least
> simple/basic) configuration in a way that is less alien to new comers than
> the config files are.  I've done similar things in my own config files in
> the past.
> My problem isn't with config files as such, I just maintain that they can
> scare and frustrate people who have never seen them before.  There's also
> not much by way of documentation for them - although I'm happy to be
> corrected and pointed in the right direction if no one else agrees.
> I'm purposely shying away from annotations and groovy in the hope that I
> can find a workable solution, maybe only good enough for the simplest
> cases, that looks like normal familiar Java code (at least at point of use).

Sure no problem. FWIW, you can make Groovy look just like Java, and not use any Groovy idioms.
Again, FWIW, I've found that Java developers adapt really, really quickly to the groovy approach
as opposed to the configuration file.



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