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From Greg Trasuk <tras...@stratuscom.com>
Subject Re: Surrogate
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2012 17:01:25 GMT

On Sat, 2012-01-21 at 22:54, Peter Firmstone wrote:
> Greg,
> Are there any areas where you could use some help with the Surrogate 
> implementation?
> This year, we could make an impact with fresh releases for River, 
> Surrogate and the LDJ Kit.
> Cheers,
> Peter.

Well, there's probably lot's to do, but I'm thinking it's best if I
finish off  the "first-cut" myself (it's one of those "not sure of the
architecture til the first pass is done" things).  There's really only
the security manager integration left to make it a functional container
(as it sits in the source tree now, it can host Reggie successfully,
including hosting the codebase server).  I'm planning on working on it
this week and part of next week, so with some luck, it'll be ready for
demo soon.  Once the first cut is done, then we'll have all kinds of
usability features that folks can dig in to.

I'll tell you what the outside world really needs, though: IDE
integration.  We need to get to the point where you can go to Netbeans
and select "New...Jini Service Project" and then go into your web app
and select "New...Jini client".  

Anybody interested in Netbeans or Eclipse integration?  My personal
taste is for Netbeans, and I suspect it'll be relatively easy to add in
a Jini project template, given the Ant-driven nature of it, but I
haven't looked too deeply.



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