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From Peter Firmstone <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: Future development plans
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2011 01:27:03 GMT
I almost forgot, setup the Jini TCK in trunk and get it building again too.

Peter Firmstone wrote:
>   1.   Run qa and jtreg tests again, confirm there are no regressions.
>   2. Peer code review, remove some features from new code if necessary,
>      (eg unimplemented deny, opposite of grant, checked prior to grants).
>   3. Merge new policy providers and security manager with trunk (I'm
>      going to need some merge help).
>   4. Branch for release.
>   5. Get everyone to test as much as possible to weed out any remaining
>      bugs.
>   6. Release.
> Other upcoming tasks / features II'd like to see after next release 
> (other releases may occur before all are implemented):
>   1. Fix jtreg so it doesn't rely on keytool, update it to use Java 6,
>      like the rest of the qa suite, rather than being dependent on 5.
>   2. Allow proxy CodeSource (proxy.jar) to carry advisory permissions,
>      as previously discussed so clients are aware of what a
>      permission's code requires, this fits in well with
>      BasicProxyVerifier.getPermissions(),  we can use a custom
>      CodeSource, created by PreferredClassLoader that contains the
>      advisory permissions, but does not grant them, that's left up to
>      the proxy verifier.  There might be additional constraints on
>      granting these permissions, eg server principal.
>   3. UDT Socket communications, UDT has a 10x performance advantage
>      over TCP on wide area networks and can traverse NAT routers, using
>      rendezvous connections (p2p not apple rendezvous) where TCP 
> cannot go.
>   4. StreamServiceRegistrar - use delayed unmarshalling and stream like
>      iteration of results (similar to net.jini.space.MatchSet).
>   5. DNS-SRV Discovery (in addition to current Multicast Discovery) to
>      find lookup services.
>   6. DNS-SRV based URL scheme for code base annotations, use
>      certificates for integrity and identity, rather than the scheme,
>      so we can change our codebases if we want.
> Cheers,
> Peter.

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