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From Peter <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: Thinking Aloud - fundamental challenges of jvm based distributed computing
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2011 04:18:09 GMT
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> On Wed, 2011-11-16 at 21:48, Peter Firmstone wrote:
> > +1 for Greg's new container too.    I've briefly looked at the code and
> > will have some time soon to study it more in depth.  Greg, is it
> > possible to integrate security and configuration as well?  Is some of
> > the stuff from Tim Blackman's Jini in a jar of use?
> The container is designed for:
> - pluggable deployers.  One for 'ServiceStarter' services, one for
> surrogates, perhaps one for an annotation-based service API, etc.  In
> fact it's a great platform for experimentation, as we can easily create
> deployers to test out various service-creation API approaches.  No need
> to standardize on any particular one.
> - pluggable configuration.  There is a 'core configuration'in an xml
> file in the bootstrap classpath that further loads other configuration.
> Right now, that 'further configuration' is another xml file in the file
> system, but there's no reason that yet further configuration couldn't be
> pulled from a remote configuration service.  So far I'm just solving the
> immediate problem, but trying not to rule out possibilities.
> - pluggable security definition.  It'll be easier to explain when I'm
> just a little further on in the implementation.
> - It's actually built on a dependency-injection framework that is sort
> of a minimalist version of Spring or Google Guice.  In retrospect I
> probably could have used an existing framework, but was having a good
> time learning about annotations.

Are you using the jsr 330 API annotations?  Recent versions of Guice and spring support it,
it's a very minimal api.

> I haven't looked at "Jini in a jar".

Well worth a look, it allows a user to run a Jini application simply by downloading and running
a jar file, it contains the platform, configuration and security config including a key server
and has a sysres url scheme to locate resources.

Tim donated it to River last year.



> I'm pretty close to being able to host "ServiceStarter" services inside
> the container, such that the container hosts its own infrastructure
> (reggie, mahalo, outrigger, etc).  Next step will be to make the
> security infrastructure work, then setup monitoring of a deployment
> directory such that applications can be dynamically deployed/undeployed
> (a-la Tomcat or JBoss) by copying them into the deployment directory.
> I'll keep you posted...
> Greg.

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