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From Greg Trasuk <tras...@stratuscom.com>
Subject Re: Thinking Aloud - fundamental challenges of jvm based distributed computing
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2011 03:27:15 GMT

On Wed, 2011-11-16 at 21:48, Peter Firmstone wrote:

> +1 for Greg's new container too.   I've briefly looked at the code and 
> will have some time soon to study it more in depth.  Greg, is it 
> possible to integrate security and configuration as well?  Is some of 
> the stuff from Tim Blackman's Jini in a jar of use?

The container is designed for:
- pluggable deployers.  One for 'ServiceStarter' services, one for
surrogates, perhaps one for an annotation-based service API, etc.  In
fact it's a great platform for experimentation, as we can easily create
deployers to test out various service-creation API approaches.  No need
to standardize on any particular one.
- pluggable configuration.  There is a 'core configuration'in an xml
file in the bootstrap classpath that further loads other configuration. 
Right now, that 'further configuration' is another xml file in the file
system, but there's no reason that yet further configuration couldn't be
pulled from a remote configuration service.  So far I'm just solving the
immediate problem, but trying not to rule out possibilities.
- pluggable security definition.  It'll be easier to explain when I'm
just a little further on in the implementation.
- It's actually built on a dependency-injection framework that is sort
of a minimalist version of Spring or Google Guice.  In retrospect I
probably could have used an existing framework, but was having a good
time learning about annotations.

I haven't looked at "Jini in a jar". 

I'm pretty close to being able to host "ServiceStarter" services inside
the container, such that the container hosts its own infrastructure
(reggie, mahalo, outrigger, etc).  Next step will be to make the
security infrastructure work, then setup monitoring of a deployment
directory such that applications can be dynamically deployed/undeployed
(a-la Tomcat or JBoss) by copying them into the deployment directory.

I'll keep you posted...


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