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From Peter Firmstone <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: Release River 2.2.0
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2011 08:26:56 GMT
Hi Tom,

Don't forget to increment the SERVER_VERSION constant in

com.sun.jini.constants.VersionConstants.java for the new release.

Also in the documentation, 
river/trunk/src-doc/static/release-notes/index.html, the River release 
version also has to be incremented, the above file also has a list of 
changes between each release, so I continued that format by adding the 
generated release notes from jira.

There's also a section in the release notes titled Changes by component 
updated for v2.1.2, which are release notes for each component in river, 
last time, I added the changes from jira relevant to each one.

Before going to all this work it's good to review all the issues in 
Jira, to see how many can be closed, or postponed.

Platform Dependencies also needs to be changed to Java 5.



Tom Hobbs wrote:
> Oh yes, I've prob forgotten to do that.  Just saved the edits. We do that
> when back on proper computer.
> On 3 Jun 2011 16:44, "Sim IJskes - QCG" <sim@qcg.nl> wrote:
>> On 03-06-11 17:01, Tom Hobbs wrote:
>>> Also, in my excitement, I've forgotten gather the Jira release notes
>>> etc. So that's not been done. I have, however, added to Sim's "How
>>> to roll a release" page to make things easier next time round.
>> Be sure to commit the changes, if done on the staging server. :)
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>> Quality Consultancy Group b.v., Leiderdorp, Kvk Den Haag: 28088397

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