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From Dennis Reedy <dennis.re...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Iphones, etc
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2011 17:52:31 GMT
Hi Calum,

We used to have something similar to this, called a WARDescriptor. The WARDescriptor acted
just like the UIDescriptor, except it pointed to a .war file, that would be dynamically installed
by a servlet running in Tomcat (or Jetty, or ...). The first rollout was actually provided
to enable MIDLet (via CLDC) to use XML to the provisioned WAR that would then use discovered
services in the backend. 

The only custom thing we had to do to the 'stock' Tomcat was to install our 'bootstrap' servlet,
that would discover services that had advertised a WARDescriptor, the grab the WAR and install
it. It seems that we may be thinking along the same lines. Let me know if you're interested
in any this stuff, I think I have it lying around someplace...


On Feb 23, 2011, at 914AM, Calum Shaw-Mackay wrote:

> Last week I posted abut the possibility of adapting ServiceUI to add HTML UI as an option
to both service administration and simplified service usage where the web server contains
the java proxies for the services. In this way this would allow Jini service invocations (after
a fashion) to pass the firewall and non-java device barriers ( note there's no requirement
to actually usqe a full HTML UI but it could be adapted to REST calls that just send back
raw data to a client )
> So far I've got an embedded Jetty server with a servlet that performs a simple Jini Discovery
loop) but because it's embedded i can run it under a security policy and RMISecurityManager,
a further piece is likely to be a simple forwarding proxy servlet that can be run in standard
web servers without needing any policy/security changes to be made to existing server installations.
> I think that this could well be a way of integrating outside of java, especially given
the changes in web development since the inception of ServiceUI and Jini
> Calum
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> On 22 Feb 2011, at 22:01, MICHAEL MCGRADY <mmcgrady@topiatechnology.com> wrote:
>> What work in JINI/River has been done with iphones, etc?  Can some one steer me to
a bunch of information?  Thanks.
>> MG
>> Michael McGrady
>> Chief Architect
>> Topia Technology, Inc.
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>> Work 1.253.572.9712 extension 2037
>> mmcgrady@topiatechnology.com

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