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From Peter Firmstone <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: Graduation tasks- Hudson jobs
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2011 20:25:09 GMT
Yes the QA suite actually requires Java 1.6 to compile, then you can 
test it on Java 1.5, from memory this used to work on Java 1.4 too.  
This was known to work with jsr14, this might not work with a 1.5 target.

The problem is that some tests in the QA suite utilise sun proprietary 
classes, not much good for portability.

That's the big issue with our current build, currently implementations 
are driving the platforms we can support.

This is why I'd like to see the build broken up:

   1. Platform
   2. Platform Libs.
   3. Service Reference Implementations (individually).
   4. Library containing Preferred classes (since these are used by both
      the platform and service proxy's but not shared).
   5. QA Harness.
   6. Jini Compliance Tests
   7. (Implementation tests go with each implementation)

Since most become separate builds, we could even consider using Ant for 
some and Gradle for others, if this makes sense on a case by case basis.


Greg Trasuk wrote:
> Hi all:
> Quick update on the post-graduation move-over of the Hudson jobs.
> I have adjusted the River-trunk job so as to hit the new repository and
> the new development lists; it seems to be working OK.
> The various QA jobs are not yet enabled.  I attempted to set the runtime
> environment to JDK1.5 so as to reflect our goal to not require JDK1.6
> functionality, and I got an error about a harness class not fully
> extending a Sun-proprietary spi class for NameServer.  I haven't yet
> been able to reproduce the error locally, but it's the first time I've
> tried to setup the QA locally, so that's not really meaningful at the
> present time.  I should note that the compile error is in a qa harness
> class and not the trunk build.  I have no indication that the trunk is
> anything but JDK1.5-compatible yet.
> You can look at build #478
> (https://hudson.apache.org/hudson/job/River-trunk/478/) to see the
> problem.
> Time is tight for the next few days, but I'm planning to spend a few
> hours over the next few days working on re-enabling the QA builds; Since
> Patricia has local QA for the bugs she's working on I think it's
> non-critical to have the Hudson builds, but if someone else has more
> time, feel free...
> Cheers,
> Greg Trasuk.

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