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From Peter Firmstone <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject [VOTE] Re: build mechanisms
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2011 22:04:55 GMT
Sim IJskes - QCG wrote:
> On 16-01-11 13:10, Peter Firmstone wrote:
>> demonstrate. When the time comes we'll all have an opportunity to
>> analyse and discuss whether the modular build structure should be
>> adopted, if the community decides not to adopt it for whatever reason, I
>> will still have had the opportunity to learn much about River's 
>> structure.
> OK, i will hold all contributions until you have reported, and this 
> issue is settled.

Have you had a look at what Dennis contributed on River-300?  Did you 
attempt to build it?

Dennis supplied two alternate Modular system build examples.

It took about 2 minutes to build a module on my machine, if the tests 
specific to the module are included, the build test cycle for a module 
is going to be very short, quite suitable for test driven development.

At the moment, I'm putting this contribution into skunk so people 
without commit access can cooperate and submit patches against it.

At this point in time I'm still investigating it myself, however I also 
have to recognise that my time is limited due to other work commitments 
and the time required to complete a modular build quite large.  Until it 
is complete, we don't know for sure how well suited it is to building 
and testing River.

What I can say from my investigations to date is that it looks very 

But on the other hand this work seems to be dividing the development 
community, so I have to weigh up the benefits of pursuing it further.

If I continue to pursue the modular build investigation, it creates 
uncertainty for developers whom have planned improvements for the 
current build process.

Since the build process plays a key role in development, continuing to 
investigate the modular build process, without making a decision, risks 
stagnating the project, due to uncertainty.  Sometimes no decision is 
the worst decision.

So based on the knowledge we have so far, I'm asking you all to cast a 
vote on whether you want a modular build or or keep the existing build.

I hope that whatever the vote result may be, we are all able to move 
forward and continue working productively together.



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