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From Gregg Wonderly <gr...@wonderly.org>
Subject Re: An in memory configuration builder
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2011 23:08:49 GMT
On 1/10/2011 8:55 AM, Sim IJskes - QCG wrote:
> On 10-01-11 15:48, Tom Hobbs wrote:
>> Is this part of the wider work discussed ages ago about supplying more
>> configuration options? POJOs, Groovy classes etc?
>> On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 2:46 PM, Sim IJskes - QCG<sim@qcg.nl> wrote:
>>> When can use ServiceStarter with an in memory (=String) Configuration file.
>>> Any ideas for a ConfigurationBuilder that newcomers can use to get flying
>>> easily?
> Not sure. More of an autodeploy option. First we let newcomers to the technology
> code a client and a service. In the main method they instanciate the
> AutoConfigurer (or similar) set a few booleans, maybe a hostname or a prefered
> port, and off they go.
> Run service, run client, Peng! River is running! Kapow!

This is why I put together the startnow project and the PersistentJiniService 
and it's subclass, ConfigurableApplication.  The idea being that a client would 
subclass ConfigurableApplication and PersistentJiniService would of course be 
the subclass of a service.

With PersistentJiniService, you just call super class constructor with args[] 
and then startService() and you have a running service with TCP endpoints.

With ConfigurableApplication, you call the super class constructor with args[] 
and you can use the 'conf' variable (or getConfiguration()) to access your 
configuration if provided.   Otherwise, there are default things available to 
you with all of the getters in that class.   The main thing that 
ConfigurableApplication is about, is to educate.  It has a getter for every kind 
of thing that you might find referenced as needed in the main Jini classes and 
you can thus see "one way" to create such a "thing" so that you can find class 
names of implementations and thus chase down javadoc and other information you 
might need to better understand what is needed/possible.

"Zero Configuration" is never possible with River as it exists now, but "Default 
Configuration" (tcp vs ssl, proxy prep, , I feel is really what we should focus 
a lot more attention on.

Recall that I wrote this stuff almost a decade ago by now, and it is largely 
unchanged because it does okay, for me, at default behavior.  But, not everyone 
things like I do, nor do I consider this code to be "best of class".   It is 
just an example of what I feel is part of what we really have needed to address 
for a long time.

Gregg Wonderly

Gregg Wonderly

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