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From Peter Firmstone <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: updated refactor patch (Jira 388)
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 20:11:50 GMT
Thanks James,

Yes I think this effort will be valuable, I'm currently putting time I 
have into the modular build effort (River-300) and source rename, I'll 
add your River-388 patches after.



jgrahn@simulexinc.com wrote:
> Before the discussion ended, the consensus seemed to be affirmative that Java 5+ would
be used at least server-side.   
> Without getting into the various forks of that discussion, is something like what I posted
for 388 valuable?   Should I continue on to other packages (focused primarily on outrigger
for this round)?
> As a reminder, the bulk of the refactor was in correcting (not all, but some) compiler
warnings and updating the classes to use Java 5 idioms (generics, for-each, etc.).
> The updates to the patch that I made were as follows:
> 1) Added suppressed warnings in points where the "unused" method was used by Serialization
or reflection.
> 2) Fixed error in initial patch (had nixed readNoData, now it's back; screwed up on context,
because it was a Serialization-read, not a space-read). 
> 3) Added WeakHashSet class.   The majority of WeakHashMap usage in Outrigger used only
the keyset.   The WeakHashSet class is a small wrapper of WeakHashMap that clarifies the intent
a little (by implementing Set).   I isolated this change somewhat (submitting a patch with
and without), in case there were any objections.
> jamesG

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