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From Dennis Reedy <dennis.re...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Need for jsk-dl.jar
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2011 00:35:48 GMT

On Jan 3, 2011, at 647PM, Peter Firmstone wrote:

> Dennis Reedy wrote:
>> I'm slogging through classes and jars attempting some modularization of the River
codebase. Its going fairly well. I'm sitting here scratching my head whilst looking at jsk-dl.jar.
My question is as follows:
>> In general jsk-lib.jar is either in the classpath of a service, as well as in the
classpath of a client. The inclusion of jsk-lib.jar (from a client's point of view) brings
along helpful utilities like ServiceDiscoveryManager and the like. From a service developers
point of view, you can't really get around not using it.
>> If jsk-lib.jar is in the classpath (and by inclusion jsk-platform.jar), why do we
need jsk-dl.jar? Unless I'm mistaken all of the classes that are in jsk-dl.jar are already
in jsk-lib.jar, why is it needed?
>> What have I forgotten?
>> Regards
>> Dennis
> I was alluding to that earlier myself, it seems to be there for proxy's to utilise when
clients lack jsk-lib.jar, but in a modular environment this could cause versioning issues,
if the client already has it installed locally, the release notes simply states:
> The codebase JAR file for |jsk-lib.jar|. An application that includes |jsk-lib.jar| in
its class-path

Yep, saw that. I'm not at all certain that we would ever have a client that does not include
jsk-lib.jar in its classpath? 

> may also need to include |jsk-dl.jar| in its codebase.

I find the above statement rather strange. Why would this need to be done if jsk-dl.jar is
a subset of jsk-lib.jar?

> Oddly enough a diff reveals that there is one class present in jsk-dl.jar missing from
> < com/sun/jini/jeri/internal/http/HttpParseException.class

This  class is part of jsk-platform.jar (which needs to be in the classpath anyway).

So why do we need jsk-dl.jar again?

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