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From Tom Hobbs <tvho...@googlemail.com>
Subject [DRAFT] December Report
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2010 09:31:42 GMT
Here's the status report for December.



Apache River is a distributed computing architecture, based on the JSK
Starter Kit Source code donated by Sun Microsystems, for the Jini
Specification. While generally referred to as a Service Architecture,
it might be more easily explained to those familiar with Dependency
Injection as a Protocol Independent, Distributed Dependency Injection
Architecture, suited to both hardware and software. Instead of
depending on Protocols directly for communication, everything is
abstracted behind a Java interface, allowing protocols and
implementations to be swapped freely, programming languages other than
Java can also participate.

The activity on the River project continues to grow and is seeing
renewed interest from people who had previously fallen silent.  The
current development team feels that we are ready to start the
Graduation process to a TLP.

The next release 2.2.0 is scheduled for December, this is likely to be
a bug-fix release and will hopefully be our last release before

New functionality and enhancements has currently been suspended in
favour of bug-fixes and the work towards graduation.  The following
rough road map has been provisionally agreed;

 * Graduation as top level project river.apache.org
 * Rename com.sun namespace to org.apache.river
 * Modular build & JDK policy

After this has been completed then the previous work on new
functionality and enhancements will be picked up again.  These will
 * Dynamic Grants at Runtime, based on CodeSource, Code Signer
Certificate chains , ProtectionDomain or ClassLoader.
 * Dynamic Revoke of Grant's at Runtime
 * Securing proxy downloads and unmarshalling

Additionally work is continuing on the build and test environments.
Bug fixes are helping meaning more of the QA tests are passing, which
allows us to enable more of the test categories thus increasing test
coverage.  More of the JTREG tests are also passing after fixes to the
environment and the tests themselves.

The website has been moved to the new Apache CMS environment and has
seen further increases in the level of documentation available,
particular articles which are useful to people starting to use and
develop River.

3 most important issues:

Signed off by mentor:

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