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From Mike McGrady <mmcgr...@topiatechnology.com>
Subject Re: datastructure classes
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2010 15:11:56 GMT

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On Dec 16, 2010, at 6:09 AM, Sim IJskes - QCG <sim@qcg.nl> wrote:

> On 16-12-10 14:55, Patricia Shanahan wrote:
>>> However, we should be able to do, say, hundreds of millions of
>>> transactions in a day in real-time critical systems such as the FAA
>>> or the stock market with data affinity and integrity and all the
>>> other "ilities". If Outrigger cannot do this, it is of no interest
>>> to us.
>> The current record for a relational database doing simple transactions
>> is 30 million transactions per minute (Oracle/SPARC TPC-C). Your mileage
>> may vary, but there is no inherent limit on relational database scaling
>> that puts a few hundred thousand transactions per minute out of reach.

The experience in the industry is that writing directly to a database is too slow and reaches
either a cost or a performance ceiling .  The prime candidates for a tuple-space application
in the real world is lost, I think, if you write to a database and not to at least a front
end cache.  CISCO, Oracle, etc are all going, going, gone in this direction.  It's not an
option in our case.

> Apart from that, it would be very interesting to see how a COTS DB backed javaspace whould
behave in practice. And it could be the first step into producing alternative persistence
mechanisms. In the early stage it would be comfortable to know we don't have to prove the
correctness of a cots-db. In a later stage we can always look at lifting the transaction based
blockstorage layer from derby or another java based db for instance.
> Gr. Sim
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