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From Patricia Shanahan <p...@acm.org>
Subject Re: Website, docuemntation links, and river/src-doc/static/index.html
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2010 14:02:43 GMT
Sim IJskes - QCG wrote:
> On 13-12-10 11:07, Tom Hobbs wrote:
>> To summarise, my thoughts would be:
>> - Hudson to build the Javadoc from the source as normal HTML
>> - Hudson to copy the Javadoc HTML to somewhere that it can be served
>> by our website
>> - Hudson to create a ZIP of the Javadoc HTML ready for download
>> - Hudson to create the release containing binaries/source and release
>> notes and made ready for download from website
>> - Jini Specifications (and other documentation) to be in markdown
>> format on the website and contain absolute links to the most
>> up-to-date Javadocs
>> - Jini Specifications (and other documentation) to be taken from the
>> HTML site SVN, zipped and made available for download
> To create a secure path from hudson to the website might not be that 
> easy. We could prepare zipfiles in hudson, and at the moment of release 
> have a small manual procedure to go through to publish it.

I see you have started a web page for the release process. A manual step 
like that seems much more acceptable if it appears in a check list, so 
that it won't get forgotten.

Are there any other projects using both the same web site building 
process and javadoc? If so, what do they do? Perhaps the mentors could 
suggest the most similar project to River in terms of process, so that 
one of us can subscribe to their developer mailing list, review their 
web pages etc.?



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