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From Sim IJskes - QCG <...@qcg.nl>
Subject Re: Formatting of River Source Tree
Date Sun, 12 Dec 2010 20:03:34 GMT
On 12/12/2010 06:37 PM, Greg Trasuk wrote:
> Suggestion:
> ## Older sources
> We do not actively search and reformat source files
> that are not formatted according to this convention.
> When a coder edits an older source file some reason (e.g. bug fixes or
> feature additions), he/she should reformat the file according to these
> specs.  He/she should commit the reformatting separately, so as to
> separate reformatting changes from actual code changes.

I've reread the thread, and i have to agree with Christopher.

Reformatting a whole class in order to fix a small bug, doesn't feel 
right. I would just reformat the method or just around the bug.

When we limit ourselfs to a small reformat footprint, a inbetween commit 
doesn't add that much. At least IMHO.

I'm begging for wisdom here. Maybe we should write:

"If the reformatting involves a large part of the code, a clearly 
labeled 'reformatting' commit in between is recommended. Keeping your 
reformatting changes limited, reduces the change of merging conflicts by 
your fellow committers."

Did i find the right words?

Gr. Sim

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