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From Peter Firmstone <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: Jini Community Projects on Java.net WAS: Re: java.net
Date Wed, 08 Dec 2010 11:56:32 GMT
We are community, we need to be careful not to Borg, but to foster.

We can encourage important projects to become River sub projects.  This 
will grow our community further.

Gregg and his projects are part of our community, why not contribute to 
Gregg's project instead, as it appears we're trying to implement / 
duplicate existing functionality.  I think you'll find other parts of 
his projects are also useful.

When we bring code into River from subprojects we take on the 
responsibility of maintaining that code, it also becomes the default 
implementation.  We have a responsibility to take more than our own 
needs into consideration.

River is a platform and I agree we need to make it easier to deploy.  A 
lot of external projects do this already, perhaps we can link to these?

I also acknowledge that fragmentation causes confusion, so perhaps it is 
time we widen the net, and capture some common functionality implemented 
in various down stream projects, this would need to be done as a process 
of consultation.

I understand also what it feels like when your trying to get something 
done and someone throws up a roadblock or another hoop to jump through 
and how difficult it has been in the past to get things done, however if 
done properly it's an achievement that you'll be recognised for, rather 
than resented.

If you just want to code though, perhaps you can create a subproject, 
making River easier to use and deploy for first time developers, this 
might also encourage projects with competing functionality to become 
subproject's of River to get more of the limelight.



Tom Hobbs wrote:
> Hi Gregg,
> Is any of this stuff in a public repo?  You might have noticed that
> I've put a "River Success Stories" page on the site and it'd be great
> to be able to link to these projects - even the
> experimental/incomplete ones.
> With regards to startnow, particularly ConfigurableJiniApplication and
> PersistentJiniService, would you be willing to donate these to the
> River code base?  This kind of thing is exactly what I wanted to put
> in the "extras" drirectory of River that was discussed a while back.
> Let me just say that I am more than very happy to direct people onto
> your implementations and towards your projects, as I hope the above
> request for the links to public repos and permission to link to them
> above shows.  However I still think that it's easier and more
> intuitive to new users if they get more stuff like this along with
> their original River download.  I hope that you don't think I'm trying
> to absorb all of your projects into River or divert any credit away
> from you onto this project, but just those two quick-start classes
> would be really useful for new developers using River - and a donation
> of existing code saves me the effort of re-implementing them myself!
> Cheers,
> Tom
> On Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 10:04 PM, Gregg Wonderly <gregg@wonderly.org> wrote:
>> Sam, there is not a comprehensive list anywhere, but I'll post one here just
>> FYI and anyone else who might be interested.  What I want to stress is that
>> most of this stuff is hovering closer to "investigation" than "production"
>> quality code.  I'm willing to answer questions as best I can.  Some of it is
>> early versions of stuff which I later put into production with
>> changes/enhancements.
>> gosie           A Jini Based Desktop System
>>                This is my serviceUI based desktop environment.
>>                This application lets you use a list of hosts and URL
>>                suffixes, and then does unicast to those hosts, and
>>                creates a dynamic policy for all host and URL suffix
>>                combinations.  In my use, I rely the reef project work
>>                on reggie for delayed unmarshalling as well as on the
>>                fact that the hosts have services returning vhttp URLs
>>                in the annotations which will download and locally cache
>>                all service jars.  In the deployments I use this, there
>>                are 5-10 services per machine with 2-4 jars per service.
>>                There are 2 or more serviceUIs per service registration.
>>                This results in hundreds of UIs to select from and thus
>>                I need very quick display of icons and choices.
>> griddle         Jini Grid tuple space
>>                This is something that I put together while the
>>                JavaSpaces05 discussion was happening.  It has in-space
>>                executor and programmble query control because the space
>>                objects are separated from the keys so that the data
>>                can stay marshalled and the keys can be unmarshalled
>>                and compared with the "entry" matching implementation.
>> jetset          A Jetty service for launching servlets
>>                This is a service that launches the Jetty web server
>> logman          Remote logging management using a Jini enabled LogManager
>>                This service is launched from the LogManager SPI in
>>                the JVM.  It provides remote monitoring by letting you
>>                change logger settings as well as remote streaming of
>>                the log output.
>> reef            A service lookup to reduce client memory use.
>>                This is the work that I did to make Reggie return
>>                marshalled match data so that you can decide when
>>                to unmarshall the service and the Entry objects
>>                yourself.  You can thus get Name objects and other
>>                data without unmarshalling the service.  I also did
>>                work to Jini to provide the ability to configure the
>>                net.jini.loader.pref.ClassLoading class to "never prefer"
>>                some classes so that things such as Name would never
>>                cause the initial download that the preferred list
>>                discovery causes.
>> startnow        A collection of Jini tools for new Users
>>                This includes a ConfigurableJiniApplication and a
>>                PersistentJiniService class that I use all the time
>>                as foundations for all services I write.  But there
>>                are also all kinds of things that I dumped into
>>                this project as I was experimenting with different
>>                concepts about abstracting parts of Jini prior to the
>>                2.0 release with Configuration and other good things.
>>                Included in this project is stuff like a configuration
>>                provider/manager that I was working on.  There is also
>>                a DynamicPolicyProxyPreparer class that was intended
>>                to allow proxyPreparation to look at the codesource
>>                and assert policy around the prepared proxy.  This was
>>                intended to allow "users" or "deployers" to give users
>>                appropropriate local policy to use for services they
>>                might encounter on the network.
>> whatsitdo       A Jini Container system for Jini Examples
>>                This project was about giving people instance access
>>                to Jini as well as to example services which used Jini.
>>                It provides a container GUI that you can drag "jars" into
>>                and the contained services will be shown and you can then
>>                launch them and use the associated serviceUIs.  What is
>>                interesting, to me, in this, was that I put together some
>>                "hacks" on the JarFile/ZipFile mechanisms and jar: URL
>>                handling in the JVM to allow recursive jar URLs to work.
>>                This meant that you could put the jini jars into your
>>                services jar as the complete classpath for it, and include
>>                codebase jars as well, and through the magic I created,
>>                everything just worked.  It still works last I tried it.
>>                The build scripts do all the work to package thinsg,
>>                and there are control points that are created in that
>>                process to allow the right thing to happen.  I used
>>                the com.sun.jini.start stuff as the "service launching"
>>                control code.
>> Gregg Wonderly
>> On 12/1/2010 9:25 AM, Sam Chance wrote:
>>> Greg,
>>> Are your various Jini/River related projects listed on-line somewhere?
>>> Thank you!
>>> Sam
>>> On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 10:13 AM, Gregg Wonderly<gregg@wonderly.org>
>>>  wrote:
>>>> I have requested that jini.dev.java.net be moved and I've requested that
>>>> my individual projects be moved.  Any other projects own by others need
>>>> to
>>>> be dealt with pronto.  All users should have received emails about needed
>>>> action.
>>>> Gregg Wonderly
>>>> On 11/24/2010 5:19 AM, Peter Firmstone wrote:
>>>>> There are a lot of Jini Community projects on Java.net which are
>>>>> probably
>>>>> stagnant.
>>>>> Do we know if any of these projects will be moved?
>>>>> It looks like they're all going to go the way of the dinosaur unless
>>>>> preserve
>>>>> their source.
>>>>> Looks like we've got 6 days left to copy these projects. It will be a
>>>>> significant loss if we don't.
>>>>> Peter.
>>>>> Niclas Hedhman wrote:
>>>>>> Has this been discussed??
>>>>>> <quote>
>>>>>> ACTION REQUIRED: Java.net is migrating to a new infrastructure and
>>>>>> project owners must request that projects be moved by November 30,
>>>>>> 2010. A list of projects that will be moved is here:
>>>>>> http://java.net/projects/help/pages/RequestedProjects For more details
>>>>>> please see the Community Manager's blog -
>>>>>> http://www.java.net/blog/30701
>>>>>> </quote>
>>>>>> Cheers

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