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From Sim IJskes - QCG <...@qcg.nl>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1030001 - in /incubator/river/jtsk/skunk/Extra_SelfHealingProxy/src/org/apache/river/extra: discovery/ selfhealing/
Date Tue, 02 Nov 2010 11:31:12 GMT
On 02-11-10 12:22, Tom Hobbs wrote:
> I'd like to give people a chance to pass their eye over it first.  It
> is just a reference implementation/example of how to do a certain
> thing.  I doubt that the code is bullet proof.

If there is something wrong with it, people can file a jira for it.

The selfhealingproxy is in the extra section, and there are not a lot of 
river parts depending on it, so my stake would be: commit it.

> Like I said in a different message, I still think it's belongs in the
> trunk eventually though.  I'm happy to do the SVN-moving as well; as
> long as people are prepared to forgive my inevitable SVN
> fat-fingering.

I've prepared src-extra/org/apache/river/extra/selfhealing/ for it, so 
if you can move it there, that would be nice.

Then it will also be picked up by the build script in trunk, and put in 
the extra.jar

It was my intention to have it build in a jar that could optionally be 
added to river. That means in the order of dependencies built somewhat 
later than the other river.jars.

Gr. Sim

QCG, Software voor het MKB, 071-5890970, http://www.qcg.nl
Quality Consultancy Group b.v., Leiderdorp, Kvk Den Haag: 28088397

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