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From Bob Resendes <resen...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Bug fixing
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2010 01:39:44 GMT

> 1. Tests with multiple computers. This may be what "resendes"  is about. Surely 
>many Apache projects need this for testing, so the  infrastructure should have 
>some way of applying multiple virtual computers for a  single test.

[Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been following the River list, but a little 
birdie mentioned that my name was being taken in vain on the River list.]

I took a quick look at "resendes" references in the tests and could only find 
the following file references (and explanations):

AdminIFShutdownTest & AdminIFTest (for mahalo and mercury services)
"resendes" is only used to create a couple of lookup locator URLs which are set 
and get from the service's admin I/F. Any other name could have been used here, 
but you'd probably want to pick a non-existent host for the URL so as not to 
send any communications to that host (possibly interfering with another test). I 
can't say for sure, but I think the QA testing network was isolated from the 
development network and resendes was pretty much guaranteed not to exist there.

Again, simply used "resendes" for an example URL and any other hostname would do 
here. The test only checks that serialized form of the descriptor matches before 
and after serialization. 

There are "resendes" references, here, but I didn't see any references to the 
constants that use them anywhere else. Again, nothing special about the name.

SharedActivationPolicyPermissionHTTPEqualsTest and 
 "resendes" is just being used for a sample URL hostname. The tests are only 
comparing URL strings. Again, nothing special about the name.

Now, I'm not claiming I did an exhaustive search (config files, doc, etc.), but 
from what I've seen, "resendes" was just an example hostname, with perhaps the 
additional condition that it not be a "reachable" hostname (at least from the 
QA/Test network). I'd be surprised if that's not true for the existing QA test 
environment, but that said, it probably makes sense to change any "resendes" 
references to some more explicitly "bogus" to avoid future confusion. 

Hope that helps,

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