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From Patricia Shanahan <p...@acm.org>
Subject Bug fixing
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2010 17:51:06 GMT
I seem to have reached a level of understanding of River that lets me 
track down some bugs, and bug fixing is an obviously useful activity, so 
I plan to spend some time on it.

As I mentioned in the "Request for testing help" thread, I've 
investigated the GetStateTest hang. The test is spinning waiting for the 
TransactionManager's getState method to throw an exception because it 
has discarded the aborted transaction. As far as I can tell, there is no 
requirement that a TransactionManager discard a transaction, even when 
it is permitted to do so.

I plan to file a Jira for the test, and modify it to spin for a limited 
time. Treat either UnknownTransactionException or continuous return of 
ABORTED status for e.g. one minute as successful test completion.

What is the next bug to work on? Any opinions?


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