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From Peter Firmstone <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: PGP
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2010 10:34:01 GMT
Michal Kleczek wrote:
> On Tuesday 12 of October 2010 16:28:54 Sim IJskes - QCG wrote:
>> On 10/12/2010 04:25 PM, Michal Kleczek wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 12 of October 2010 16:13:14 Sim IJskes - QCG wrote:
>>>> On 10/12/2010 04:10 PM, Michal Kleczek wrote:
>>>>> On Tuesday 12 of October 2010 16:04:41 Sim IJskes - QCG wrote:
>>>>>> On 10/12/2010 03:39 PM, Michal Kleczek wrote:
>>>>>>> Or your code is signed with PGP - but I don't have a PGP verifier
>>>>>>> installed. Is it possible for you to provide me with third party
>>>>>>> verifier code that in turn is signed with a standard X509
>>>>>>> certificate?
>>>>>> Why PGP? The PKI is the same. The CA's signing domain related
>>>>>> certificates are creating the inflexibility.
>>>>> Exactly... Hierarchical CAs are inflexible - that's why PGP (or SPKI)
>>>>> :)
>>>> Strange reasoning. I'm my own CA. Whats the problem?
>>> Your CA certificate is self-signed. How can I trust it?
>> Exactly. PKI is delegation of trust. If you dont trust the CA (or dont
>> want to pay the CA to trust you), it ends here.
>> PKI is no replacement of trust.
> I know - but somehow we went far away from the original subject.
> My point is - can our trust decisions be based on something more flexible than 
> it is right now in Jini?

Yes for sure, I believe this is possible.

> As far as I understand you're saying "let's just base our trust decisions on 
> X509 certificates and nothing more". I say - "let's allow extending it - I base 
> my trust in you on X509 certificate but allow you to transfer my trust to 
> someone else and I don't care if it is based on X509 or smoke signals"
> Michal

PGP's web of trust, you don't have to be self signed.

Bouncy Castle has a PGP provider, meaning we'd require it installed at 
the client, after that, it's basically all the familiar java crypto 
interfaces because it an SPI.

Imagining the DOS hole has been fixed for a moment, trust in this case 
might be as simple as, I don't know you, but your key is signed by 
someone I trust, so I can authenticate you and I grant you 



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