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From "Christopher Dolan" <christopher.do...@avid.com>
Subject JNDI + Reggie?
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2010 19:20:29 GMT
Has anyone ever exposed the proxies contained in a Registrar via JNDI?
I'm trying to integrate with some software that doesn't know about
Jini/River but does speak JRMP and expects to get the remote objects
from JNDI.  There's a org.dancres.jini.jndi library that does something
like this at http://wiki.cantara.no/display/blitz/Jini+JNDI but it's not
very flexible, and dates from 2004.  I'm thinking along these lines:

 * create a class that implements javax.naming.Context that takes a
net.jini.lookup.ServiceDiscoveryManager argument
 * add lookup() methods that delegate to
 * somehow map the requested JNDI name to a ServiceTemplate
   - Maybe just look for a matching net.jini.lookup.entry.Name which
String.equals() the JNDI name?
     (the existing org.dancres.jini.jndi library takes this approach)
   - invent a javax.naming.Name implementation that wraps a
   - invent some more complex URL-based naming?  Like so:
     "jini://*/?net.jini.lookup.entry.Name=Foo" for matching a service
     "jini://*/?java.lang.Class=com.sun.jini.reggie.Registrar" for
matching a service interface

You could possibly even do JoinManager registration via this JNDI
context's bind() methods if we had a Jini-specific javax.naming.Name


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