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From Sim IJskes - QCG <...@qcg.nl>
Subject Re: Build crashes (Was: Re: Request for testing help)
Date Sat, 25 Sep 2010 09:23:04 GMT
On 09/25/2010 11:05 AM, Patricia Shanahan wrote:
> I needed to do a general reset before starting a new set of tests. I
> completely shut down (virtual power off) all my VMs and restarted the
> system. This happened during the first build I did after restarting the
> VM in question. Before the build, I had run gedit but no tests. If it is
> a testing framework problem, it has to be in the junit testing that is
> done during the build.

The operating system is not without state, so a test might be influenced 
by the state changes in the OS from the previous test.

For instance when a server socket is opened, and closed, you cannot 
immediately bind on that same server socket, unless you specify 
SO_REUSEADDR with setsockopt(). This is because after closing the socket 
stays in TIME_WAIT2 state for some time.

So if you forget to specify SO_REUSEADDR on your server sockets, and run 
the same test in rapid succession, it might fail.

I did a small codereview on the TcpServerEndpoint, and no mention of the 
ServerSocket.setReuseAddress() call, so that is a potential cause.

Gr. Sim

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