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From Peter Firmstone <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: ServiceDiscoveryManager test coverage
Date Wed, 01 Sep 2010 07:36:22 GMT
I think the best thing to do with these is to back out the changes below 
and start again, I think I've got a better solution to the problem I was 
trying to solve there.

The original intent behind the changes to RemoteEvent, were to change 
it's internal handback object to a MarshalledInstance from 
MarshalledObject, so the Java CDC Personal Basis Profile could 
participate in a djinn, with some very basic simple services and as a 

Since proxy's that aren't compatible with CDC simply either won't 
unmarshall or can't be matched, this makes it relatively simple.

The problem with the RemoteEvent was that it is tied to it's serialized 
form, so what I needed was a MarshalledInstance, with MarshalledObject 
serialized form.  What happened of course is I tried to convert the form 
in the writeObject and readObject methods, however this is the wrong 
approach, since there is an Object source field in RemoteEvent that 
could too be a MarshalledObject.

Cut a long story short, what I need is a container class for 
MarshalledInstance that has MarshalledObject's serialized form, which I 
can use to replace MarshalledObject fields inside objects while 
preserving the existing object methods.  That would also mean that any 
objects that utilise it don't need to change their serialization methods.

Stay tuned.



Jonathan Costers wrote:
> FWIW - I backed out (back to the original Sun contribution) all changes to
> the following files:
> src/net/jini/core/event/RemoteEvent.java
> src/net/jini/discovery/RemoteDiscoveryEvent.java
> src/net/jini/lease/RenewalFailureEvent.java
> src/net/jini/core/lookup/ServiceEvent.java
> and now I have the servicediscovery QA test category running fine (so far,
> but some of the tests that were failing earlier are passing).
> 2010/8/31 Jonathan Costers <jonathan.costers@googlemail.com>
>> Great! Would you be able to create a JIRA issue for it?
>> I would do it myself but I believe you have a better idea on how to
>> describe what exactly is going on.
>> 2010/8/31 Peter Firmstone <jini@zeus.net.au>
>> Ok,
>>> I found the culprit, it's RemoteEvent.
>>> Will look into it further tomorrow, off to sleep now.
>>> Peter.
>>> Patricia Shanahan wrote:
>>>> On 8/25/2010 1:34 AM, Peter Firmstone wrote:
>>>> ...
>>>>> I've gotten to the bottom of what's causing the failures, one's a null
>>>>> reference, the other a serialization problem, the first problem's easy,
>>>>> the second will take a bit more thought.
>>>> com/sun/jini/test/spec/discoveryservice/event/Discovered.td also fails
>>>> with 935130 but passes with 934258.
>>>> I may delay work on problems in tests that were not being run until I can
>>>> retest against the fixes you are working on. I have a feeling a lot more
>>>> tests will pass.
>>>> Patricia

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