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From Jonathan Costers <jonathan.cost...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: Maven jar manifests
Date Tue, 17 Aug 2010 23:27:07 GMT
I just stumbled on this target in build.xml:

<!-- TODO cleanup and find out where exactly to publish to -->
    <!-- Note that you need the Maven Ant tasks (
        installed to use this task -->
    <target name="deploy-artifacts" depends="jars">
        <!--<artifact:install-provider artifactId="wagon-file"
        <artifact:install-provider artifactId="wagon-http"
        <artifact:install-provider artifactId="wagon-ssh"
        <!-- Override this in <river src distr. home>/build.properties to
try out -->
        <property name="m2.repository" value="file:///home/jonathan/maven"
        <macrodef name="deploy">
            <attribute name="file" />
            <attribute name="pom" />
                <artifact:deploy file="@{file}" >
                    <remoteRepository url="${m2.repository}"/>
                    <pom refid="@{pom}"/>
        <artifact:pom id="parent" file="${poms.dir}/pom.xml" />
        <artifact:pom id="jini-core" file="${poms.dir}/jini-core/pom.xml" />
        <artifact:pom id="jini-ext" file="${poms.dir}/jini-ext/pom.xml" />
        <artifact:pom id="jsk-lib" file="${poms.dir}/jsk-lib/pom.xml" />
        <artifact:pom id="jsk-dl" file="${poms.dir}/jsk-dl/pom.xml" />
        <artifact:pom id="jsk-resources"
file="${poms.dir}/jsk-resources/pom.xml" />
        <artifact:pom id="jsk-platform"
file="${poms.dir}/jsk-platform/pom.xml" />
        <artifact:pom id="jsk-policy" file="${poms.dir}/jsk-policy/pom.xml"
        <artifact:pom id="serviceui" file="${poms.dir}/serviceui/pom.xml" />
        <artifact:pom id="sun-util" file="${poms.dir}/sun-util/pom.xml" />
        <artifact:pom id="start" file="${poms.dir}/start/pom.xml" />
        <artifact:pom id="tools" file="${poms.dir}/tools/pom.xml" />
        <deploy file="${lib.dir}/jini-core.jar" pom="jini-core" />
        <deploy file="${lib.dir}/jini-ext.jar" pom="jini-ext" />
        <deploy file="${lib.dir}/jsk-lib.jar" pom="jsk-lib" />
        <deploy file="${lib-dl.dir}/jsk-dl.jar" pom="jsk-dl" />
        <deploy file="${lib.dir}/jsk-resources.jar" pom="jsk-resources" />
        <deploy file="${lib.dir}/jsk-platform.jar" pom="jsk-platform" />
        <deploy file="${lib-ext.dir}/jsk-policy.jar" pom="jsk-policy" />
        <deploy file="${lib.dir}/serviceui.jar" pom="serviceui" />
        <deploy file="${lib.dir}/sun-util.jar" pom="sun-util" />
        <deploy file="${lib.dir}/start.jar" pom="start" />
        <deploy file="${lib.dir}/tools.jar" pom="tools" />

So looks like I committed this after all... Sorry.
This was only a rudimentary start though, only containing some of the River
I remember that I successfully tried this with a local Maven repository.

Not sure what Maven repository to publish to? (i.e. when Hudson builds, what
repository should it publish the artifacts to?)

2010/5/25 Peter Firmstone <jini@zeus.net.au>

> Do we have someone willing to create some ant scripts to build the Maven
> Manifests for River's jar files?

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