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From Peter Firmstone <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: Question about JIRA use
Date Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:43 GMT
We've got MultithreadedTC in the test/lib directory for allows for 
specific interleaving of threads to test concurrency issues.


Probably best wait till I've got the bug sorted though.

An update on progress:

It appears I've sorted the Null pointer issue and the Serialization 
issue, so I'm no longer getting exceptions, however I'm still getting 
test failures, in the ServiceDiscoveryManager, which appear related to 
timing issues, counting events etc.

I integrated Brian's patch, but that fix isn't related to this 
particular case.

The next step over the coming week, will be to go back to the stable 
build and incrementally add recent changes, including those I have 
locally now, so I can pinpoint problem causes.

Did you want me to update my current local changes to SVN?  I've been 
holding off, since additional changes that haven't solved the problem, 
won't make the problem any clearer to those trying to solve it.



Patricia Shanahan wrote:
> In reading SDM source code, I've found a possible scaling performance 
> problem in the method findReg. Whether it is really a problem depends 
> on how many lookup services an SDM may know about at one time. I don't 
> intend to investigate that right now - I've got too many things going 
> on already.
> One way to remember something like this would be to write a JIRA issue 
> about it. Is that the best way?
> Patricia

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