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From Patricia Shanahan <p...@acm.org>
Subject Re: ServiceDiscoveryManager test coverage
Date Sat, 21 Aug 2010 18:11:39 GMT
On 8/21/2010 5:31 AM, Peter Firmstone wrote:
> Patricia Shanahan wrote:
>> On 8/20/2010 11:10 PM, Peter Firmstone wrote:
>>> Patricia Shanahan wrote:
>>>> Peter Firmstone wrote:
>>>>> Patricia Shanahan wrote:
>>>>>> As indicated in the "TaskManager Progress" thread, I think, based
>>>>>> reading the source code, that there is a concurrency bug in
>>>>>> ServiceDiscoveryManager.LookupCacheImpl's addProxyReg method.
>>>>>> I added logging to see which tests I should run to evaluate a fix.
>>>>>> As far as I can tell, the automated system contains a single test
>>>>>> that creates a ServiceDiscoveryManager, LeaseRenewDurRFE, and it
>>>>>> does not appear to use addProxyReg.
>>>>>> Are there any tests in addition to the QA and JTreg tests that might
>>>>>> cover this?
>>>>> No, not in addition unfortunately.
>>>> I didn't really expect there would be, but it was worth asking.
>>>> I'm now working on an SDM concurrency test - essentially writing stubs
>>>> for the classes it interacts with, so that I can control the timing of
>>>> events. I want to hit it with a lot of different activity at the same
>>>> time.
>>>> Is there any existing code that would help with that task?
>>>> Patricia
>>> Any of the existing qa or jtreg tests that relate to the SDM would be a
>>> good start.
>>> Not sure which I'd pick though.
>> I've found why I was not finding ServiceDiscoveryManager tests. "ant
>> qa.run" in the build directory, which is how I was running QA tests,
>> runs specified categories:
>> "id,loader,policyprovider,locatordiscovery,activation,config,discoverymanager,joinmanager,url,iiop,jrmp,reliability,thread"
>> Why not servicediscovery????
>> Patricia
> Well I'll be b...., didn't pick that up, how strange, running
> servicediscovery now, although not with your patches, I'll try that
> tomorrow.

I'm running the servicediscovery tests against a modified version of 
ServiceDiscoveryManager that has a couple of short sleep calls in 
addProxyReg. It has reported several failures. I would be very 
interested in what failures, if any, you get with an unpatched SDM. If 
your version does not fail we have a real test coverage problem. If your 
version gets similar failures, we just have a problem with not running 
tests we have.


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