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From Peter Firmstone <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: RetryTask test coverage
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2010 21:06:43 GMT
Ok will get back to you with some results.

Patricia Shanahan wrote:
> com.sun.jini.thread.RetryTask is a commonly used implementation of 
> TaskManager.Task.
> It retries a subclass-supplied method at a series of intervals, 
> ranging up to 5 minutes. That seems a good basic plan. The different 
> intervals would allow for different forms of failure and recovery. 5 
> minutes is long enough that an application that implements a service 
> could have failed, exited, been restarted by a keep-alive script, and 
> got back to work within the interval.
> However, I am concerned that there are situations involving runAfter 
> that are much more probable with a long delay than if the RetryTask 
> succeeds the first time. In local test environments, there may be a 
> tendency to succeed on the first try more often than would be the case 
> in the wild.
> My question is whether the tests cover the longer delays. It is 
> answerable, if nobody already knows the answer, from a "FINEST" level 
> log for com.sun.jini.thread.RetryTask. If RetryTask is doing retries, 
> it will contain messages of the form "retry of {0} in {1} ms". {0} is 
> the toString for an instance of a RetryTask subclass. {1} is the time 
> in milliseconds to the next retry. If possible, I would like to see 
> those messages for a full test sequence.
> Thanks,
> Patricia

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