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From Peter Firmstone <j...@zeus.net.au>
Subject Re: TaskManager requirements
Date Sun, 18 Jul 2010 19:13:02 GMT
Patricia Shanahan wrote:
> I have questions about the TaskManager remove(Task) method. Trying to 
> end work by any means other than run to completion is always a bit 
> tricky.
> In the event of a remove call for an active Task, TaskManager issues 
> an interrupt unless the call is in the task's thread. It also removes 
> the Task from its bookkeeping.
> In the current implementation, removal from the ArrayList immediately 
> stops the removed task from blocking later tasks that need to runAfter 
> it. That can let a dependent task start running before the removed 
> task notices the interrupt. That could be bad if, for example, they 
> share data that is being protected through the runAfter system.

Perhaps a hashmap might be used to store tasks that are pending removal, 
so they can be left on the queue until the removed task has been 

> It will get worse in any performance improved TaskManager. One of the 
> performance issues is a tendency to use only one thread, regardless of 
> the number of runnable tasks or the constructor parameters, if there 
> are a lot of runAfter dependencies. I plan to fix that so that the 
> number of threads will be in accordance with the constructor parameters.
> The other issue is that a task that ignores the interrupt can keep 
> possession of its thread, indefinitely, despite a remove call. Since 
> we only create a bounded number of threads, that could effectively 
> kill the TaskManager. To what extent are TaskManager instances shared 
> by tasks whose run methods don't have the same trust characteristics?

Currently TaskManager is only used internally, so the trust should be 
the same between tasks, although I like the idea of a singleton 
TaskManager and did mention it earlier, that doesn't suit the current 
implementation.  We could put an AccessController permission check in 
TaskManager before a task is placed into the queue?

> Patricia

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